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CAROSS - the innovative jump starter brand revolutionizing and disrupting thejump starter industry with its patented technology. CAROSS is the proud US patent holder for its Smart Connect™ Technology (US11303122B1)This technology provides the safest starting solution,easiest connection and hassle-free jump-starting experience. CAROSS’s innovative heavy-duty green jumper cables stand out from traditional jump starters red/black jumper cables. Our Smart Connect™ Technology eliminates the possibility of clamping to the wrong polarity post causing a spark or damage to the vehicles electrical system. Traditional red + black - cables are no longer required. Another valued feature is it only takes 1 hr. to fully charge the unit. Other brand jump starters can take up to 4-6 hours to fully charge! 


CAROSS model T19 features plug and play,bi-directional PD65W charging technology,a smart3.3” LED display screen,and a dedicated SOS emergency button.


At CAROSS, innovation is the heart of everything we do. Our unwavering commitment to advancing the technology and engineering making it a socially responsible product that customers will trust and feel good about Our unparalleled professional knowledge of the jump starter industry enabled us to create multiple patented technologies that give our retail partners a unique competitive advantage in the market.


CAROSS Pink Ribbon Project is a symbol of our commitment to breast cancer research and advocacy.

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