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CAROSS T19 Plus Smart Portable Jump Starter and Power Bank 2000A

CAROSS T19 Plus Smart Portable Jump Starter and Power Bank 2000A


CAROSS Model T19 plus 12V Jump Starter Box features a 2000 Amp Lithium battery, 3’’ smart digital screen, PD 65W fast charge, portable power bank, and plug and play patented Smart Connect Technolgy.™   The T19 Plus packs plenty of power to start up to an 8-Liter Gasoline or 6-Liter Diesel Engine

POWERFUL: CAROSS' 2000 Amp lithium car battery jump starter box will safely jump start a car, SUV, or a truck with a 12V battery up to 8 liters for gasoline engines and 6 liters for diesel engines about 30 times on one full charge. 

PORTABLE: Stow away in the car trunk. Remove it from the carry case to pack into an over-sized bag/purse, or backpack knowing you will have power when power is not available. 

PATENTED: CAROSS is the proud US patent holder for its Smart Connect Technology™ (US11303122B1) This technology provides the safest starting solution, easiest connection and hassle-free jump-starting experience. CAROSS' innovative heavy-duty green jumper cables stand out from traditional jump starters red/black jumper cables. Our Smart Connect Technology™ eliminates the possibility of clamping to the wrong polarity post causing a spark or damage to the vehicles electrical system. Traditional red + black - cables are no longer required.


PLUG AND PLAY: Connect CAROSS' green clamp to your car battery without distinguishing + or - post and jump-start your vehicle worry free within several seconds.

BI-DIRECTIONAL PD 65W fast charge: The PD 65W feature allows you to charge the unit from 0% to 100% in 1 hour. The output port supports charging 65W USB-C laptops. 

3" SMART SCREEN: Provides the best user experience. The bright digital screen visually displays the charging, discharging, and status. Icons intelligently turn different colors to confirm the current status. 

SOS EMERGENCY: Press the red SOS button to activate the red flashing SOS morse code . 

FLASHLIGHT: Press the green LED light button to operate as a flashlight.  

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: T19 plus 2000amp Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter, CAROSS' non-polarized heavy-duty green clamps, PD 60W Charger, USB-A Charging Cable, TYPE-C Charging Cable, DC Cigarette Charger, Heavy Duty Carry Case, User Manual, and 2-year warranty. 

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