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CAROSS T19Plus Jump Starter Box 2000 Amp Lithium

CAROSS Model T19 plus 12V Jump Starter Box features a 2000 Amp Lithium battery, 3’’ smart digital screen, PD 65W fast charge, portable power bank, and plug and play patented Smart Connect Technology ™ The T19 Plus packs plenty of power to start up to an 8-Liter Gasoline or 6-Liter Diesel Engine

POWERFUL but portable: CAROSS 2000amp portable lithium car battery jump starter can safely jump start your cars, SUVs, and trucks with a 12V battery of up to 8 liters for gasoline engines and 6 liters for diesel engines. You can jump-start your car about 30 times with a single full charge. 

PATENTED Smart Technology: CAROSS is the patent holder for the innovation of the non-polarized clamps, US Patent#: US11303122B1. Compared to the traditional red/black clamp, CAROSS' innovative heavy-duty Super Green clamp offers the best safety solution, the most accessible connection, and is trouble-free.

PLUG AND PLAY without worry: Connect CAROSS green clamp to your car battery without distinguishing + or - post, no more complicated setting is required, and jump-start your vehicle in several seconds.

BI-DIRECTIONAL PD 65W fast charge: The PD 65W feature allows you to charge the unit from 0% to 100% in 1 hour. It supports charging 65W USB-C laptops. 

SMART SCREEN for better UX: A 3-inch bright digital screen visually displays the charging, discharging, and product status. Icons turn to different colors intelligently to reflect the status change. 

SOS EMERGENCY button away: A separate red SOS button for emergency use. Press the green LED light button to operate as a flashlight.  

【WHAT IN THE BOX】T19 plus 2000amp Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter, CAROSS patented non-polarized heavy-duty green clamp, PD 60W Charger, USB-A Charging Cable, TYPE-C Charging Cable, DC Cigarette Charger, Carry Case, User Manual, and 2 years warranty. 

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